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Abha Kashyap, Partner started practicing in 2015 and founded had founded Kashyap Partners & Associates LLP in 2016. Her practice focuses in Start Up Law, Technology Law and focuses on Immigration and Life Sciences Law. Abha is fluent in English, and Hindi.

As the Managing Partner of Kashyap Partners, Abha embodies an entrepreneurial spirit, serving as a mentor who guides new legal minds. With a commitment to fostering talent, she supports young mothers in navigating their legal practice, reflecting her dedication to both professional excellence and inclusivity.


Operating in New Delhi and Gurgaon, Abha specializes in cross-border corporate, startup, life sciences, technology, and intellectual property law. With an LLM from U.C. Berkeley, an MBA from UMass, and a C.S.S. from Harvard, Abha brings a wealth of expertise to deliver top-notch legal solutions.

With a strong focus on startups and innovative businesses, Abha's experience spans commercial and transactional law, leveraging her entrepreneurial background to address clients' legal and practical needs effectively.

Drawing from her extensive background in life sciences and medical administration, Abha offers specialized insight into medical law, pharmaceutical regulations, insurance claims, compliances, and medical malpractice.

As a seasoned practitioner in alternative dispute resolution, Abha serves as an arbitrator and commercial mediator, adept at resolving diverse disputes ranging from family matters to commercial conflicts. She is registered with the Charter Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and certified as a commercial mediator by the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation.


She is licensed to practice in India.

Practice Areas

Abha focuses her practice on Start Up Law , Data Privacy Law, Life Science Law and Technology Law

Managing Partner

Abha Kashyap

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