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Where We Excel

Our Practice Areas

Kashyap Partners & Associates are experts in a diverse range of legal fields and can help their clients navigate complex legal challenges.


In Immigration Law, they guide individuals and businesses through visa applications, residency, and citizenship matters. Their expertise in Life Sciences Law includes regulatory compliance, intellectual property, and market access for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. In Technology Law, they offer support with data privacy, cybersecurity, and AI ethics. Their Start Up Law services help new businesses establish a strong legal foundation and manage early-stage challenges. Kashyap Partners & Associates protect creations through Intellectual Property Law, covering patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. The firm also provides guidance in Entertainment and Media law, assisting clients with contract negotiations, licensing, and rights management. In Fashion Law, they safeguard designers' intellectual property and handle business agreements. Sports Law services address legal matters in athletics, such as contracts and disputes. Kashyap Partners & Associates also excel in Transactional Law, facilitating smooth business transactions like mergers and acquisitions. For Non-Resident Indians, the firm offers NRI Services, helping with property, taxation, investments, and family matters. Their expertise in Commercial and Business Law includes contracts and regulatory compliance, ensuring smooth operations and protecting clients' interests.


With their broad knowledge and experience, Kashyap Partners & Associates provide comprehensive legal support and tailored solutions to meet their clients' diverse needs.

Demonstrating Exceptional Proficiency

Sports Law

Sports law involves legal issues related to professional and amateur athletics. It covers contracts, endorsements, intellectual property, and disputes. We help athletes, teams, and organizations manage agreements, protect their rights, and navigate regulations.

Transactional Law

Transactional law focuses on legal matters related to business dealings, including mergers and acquisitions, contracts, and financing. We guide clients through negotiations, due diligence, and compliance to facilitate smooth transactions and protect interests.

Commercial & Business Law

Commercial and business law deals with legal aspects of running a company, including contracts, transactions, and regulatory compliance. We guide businesses through negotiations, governance, and dispute resolution to support smooth operations and protect their interests.

NRI Services

NRI services address the legal needs of Non-Resident Indians, offering assistance with property, taxation, investment, estate planning, and family matters such as wills and succession. We help NRIs navigate regulations and protect their interests while living abroad.

Fashion Law

Fashion law covers legal issues in the fashion industry, including intellectual property, branding, licensing, and contracts. It addresses design protection, manufacturing, distribution, and retail matters. We help designers and brands safeguard their creations and navigate business agreements.

Media and Entertainment Law

Entertainment and Media law deals with legal issues in industries such as film, music, publishing, and digital media. It includes contract negotiations, intellectual property, licensing, and rights management. We help artists, producers, and companies protect their creative work and navigate complex agreements and disputes.

Immigration Law

Immigration law covers visa applications, residency permits, citizenship, deportation defense, and asylum claims. We guide individuals and businesses through these challenges, helping clients meet their goals while ensuring legal compliance. Whether you're seeking to work, study, or live abroad, we provide the essential support.

Life Sciences Law

Life sciences law deals with the legal aspects of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices, including regulatory compliance, IP, licensing, clinical trials, and product liability. We guide companies through approvals, patents, and market access. We help protect innovations, ensure safety and efficacy, and support the advancement of medical technologies.

Technology Law

Technology law deals with legal issues in the development, use, and commercialization of technology, including data privacy, cybersecurity, IP, and e-commerce. With AI on the rise, technology we also address AI ethics and regulations to ensure responsible and ethical use. We guide businesses in complying with transparency, fairness, and accountability laws. Technology law is essential for shaping the digital future and safeguarding innovations while maintaining legal and ethical standards.

Start Up Law

Startup law addresses the legal needs of early-stage businesses, guiding entrepreneurs through entity formation, contracts, intellectual property, funding, and employment law. We help establish a strong legal foundation and ensure compliance for startups, positioning them for growth and success. Early legal guidance helps startups avoid mistakes and manage risks effectively.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law protects creations such as inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols. It covers patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, helping individuals and businesses secure and enforce their rights. We guide clients through registration, licensing, and infringement issues to safeguard their innovations and brand identity.

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