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Safeguarding Your Interests

Commercial and business law deals with legal aspects of running a company, including contracts, transactions, and regulatory compliance. We guide businesses through negotiations, governance, and dispute resolution to support smooth operations and protect their interests.

The business world is complex and ever-changing, whether you’re a neophyte or an experienced firm. Whether engaging in small scale purchases, undertaking repeat trades through master services agreements, or undertaking large and complex transactions, there are a myriad of rights and responsibilities that will impact the success and safety of your transaction.

Without the proper counsel, the law can work to ensnare the wiliest of operators in a mess of red tape and liabilities. To keep yourself protected, it is important to engage the services of a skilled lawyer. Whether it’s setting up or investing in a new firm, launching new ventures in India or abroad, undertaking international commerce, or moving employees abroad, Kashyap, Partners & Associates LLP’s team of experts can take care of any legal barriers in your way.

Our experts provide guidance and legal services to organizations of every size – from new ventures to multinational corporations – and every nature – companies, partnerships, non-profits, co-operatives, and limited liability companies. We provide our Commercia Law services using only the most qualified and best trained lawyers, with licenses to practice in California, New York, New Jersey and India. We provide services in person through our offices in Delhi and Gurgaon and virtually around the world.



Employment Contracts; Vendor & Contractor Contracts; Investment Agreements; C-Suite Agreement; Founder Agreements


Entity Compliance; Employment Compliances; Import/Export Compliances; Restructuring Compliances

J-V / M&A / Subsidiary

Agreements, Due Diligence,
Corporate Restructuring,
NDA & Trade Secret Protections, Joint Ventures,
Research & Analysis

Fractional General Counsel

Optimize your legal strategy and minimize costs with our Fractional General Counsel services, providing startups and in-house legal teams with flexible, on-demand expertise. Trust our experienced attorneys to provide comprehensive guidance, strategic direction, and seamless integration into your business operations.

Entity Formation

Partnerships, Corporations,
Limited Liability Structures,
Incorporation Counseling, Corporate Restructuring

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Resolve disputes efficiently and effectively with our Alternative Dispute Resolution services, tailored to meet your unique legal needs. Trust our experienced team to navigate negotiations, mediation, and arbitration with professionalism and discretion.


How does Business and Commercial Law support business operations?

Business and Commercial Law provides legal guidance on structuring business entities, drafting contracts, resolving disputes, protecting intellectual property, ensuring compliance with regulations, and facilitating transactions to support smooth business operations.

What role does Business and Commercial Law play in dispute resolution?

Business and Commercial Law offers strategies for resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, aiming to protect clients' interests, minimize financial losses, and maintain business relationships.

What legal considerations should businesses keep in mind when entering into contracts?

Businesses should ensure contracts are clear, specify rights and obligations, address potential risks, include dispute resolution mechanisms, and comply with relevant laws and regulations to protect their interests and mitigate legal disputes.

Crafting Clarity in Business Deals

Commercial & Business Law

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