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Arohi Kashyap, Partner, joined Kashyap Partners & Associates LLP in 2017 and focuses on privacy and corporate business intellectual property team. Arohi is fluent in English, and Hindi.

As a Partner at Kashyap Partners, Arohi serves as a mentor, guiding new legal minds and offering support to solo practitioners. With expertise in key legal areas crucial to modern business, including Data Privacy, AI Regulations, and AI Ethics, she provides invaluable guidance to new lawyers guiding them to navigate complex legal landscapes and foster professional growth. Arohi's commitment to mentoring and supporting fellow legal professionals reflects her dedication to nurturing talent and ensuring a thriving legal community.


With a practice spanning California and India, Arohi specializes in key legal areas vital to contemporary business. Her international expertise includes Start-Up Law, Transaction Law, Technology Law, Data Privacy, AI Regulations, and AI Ethics, demonstrating a deep grasp of law's role in innovation.

Backed by an impressive academic background, featuring an LLM from UC Berkeley and an LLB from Northcap University, Arohi delivers comprehensive legal solutions. Her focus on transactional and commercial law, particularly in start-up and technology sectors, extends globally, facilitating international growth, cross-border transactions, and mergers.

Arohi's adeptness in addressing emerging legal challenges in technology law encompasses data privacy, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property rights protection. Additionally, her proficiency in alternative dispute resolution, recognized by institutions like CIArb and Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation, underscores her commitment to excellence in conflict resolution.


She is licensed to practice in India and California

Practice Areas

Arohi focuses her practice in Start Up Law, Privacy, Business and Corporate Law, Product Counceling. 


Arohi Kashyap

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