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Safeguarding Your Interests

Transactional law focuses on legal matters related to business dealings, including mergers and acquisitions, contracts, and financing. We guide clients through negotiations, due diligence, and compliance to facilitate smooth transactions and protect interests.

Every business is made to produce goods and services that can be sold to their customers – and every business must acquire goods and services in order to do so. As such, transactions are the lifeblood of any business. You may only be making small scale purchases, undertaking repeat purchases or sales on similar terms, or even undertaking large and complex transactions. However, no matter the size, scale or frequency of your transactions, they will impose a host of rights and responsibilities onto your business – responsibilities that directly impact the success and safety of your transaction.

Whatever the scale, scope or nature of your transaction, Kashyap Partners and Associates LLP can help. Our legal experts provide media law services to clients of every size – from large media corporations to individuals with social media issues.

We provide Transaction Law solutions using only the most qualified and best trained lawyers, with licenses to practice in California, New York, New Jersey and India. We provide services in-person, through our offices in Delhi and Gurgaon and virtually, around the world. You can contact us any time through e-mail, phone, or WhatsApp.


J-V / M&A / Subsidiary

Agreements; Due Diligence; Corporate Restructuring; NDA & Trade Secret Protections; Joint Ventures

Research & Analysis

Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructuring services involve strategic changes made to a company's organizational or financial structure to improve its efficiency, profitability, or adaptability to changing market conditions. This can include mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, asset reallocation, debt restructuring, changes in management, or modifications to business processes and operations. The goal is to enhance the company's competitiveness, financial stability, and overall performance

International Business Transactions

Navigate the complexities of international business transactions confidently with our tailored legal solutions and global expertise. Trust our team to ensure smooth negotiations, compliance with international regulations, and successful outcomes for your cross-border ventures.

Contract Management Services

Streamline your business operations with our comprehensive Contract Management Services, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and risk mitigation at every step. We handle your contracts with precision and diligence, optimizing your workflow and minimizing legal exposure. Some of our services: Compliance Checklists,
Timeline Management,
Renewal/Termination Management, Contract Auditing & Analysis


How does Transactional Law facilitate business transactions?

Transactional Law provides legal guidance and documentation to facilitate negotiations, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, mitigate risks, and finalize agreements between parties involved in business transactions.

What role does Transactional Law play in corporate governance?

Transactional Law advises on corporate structure, governance policies, shareholder agreements, and regulatory compliance to help companies operate efficiently, protect stakeholders' interests, and maintain legal and ethical standards.

How does Transactional Law handle due diligence in business transactions?

Transactional Law conducts thorough due diligence to assess legal risks, verify information, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations, safeguarding parties involved in business transactions from potential liabilities and pitfalls.

Trusted Precision and Expertise in Transactions

Transactional Law

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