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Technology law deals with legal issues in the development, use, and commercialization of technology, including data privacy, cybersecurity, IP, and e-commerce. With AI on the rise, technology we also address AI ethics and regulations to ensure responsible and ethical use. We guide businesses in complying with transparency, fairness, and accountability laws. Technology law is essential for shaping the digital future and safeguarding innovations while maintaining legal and ethical standards.

Over time technology has transformed the world. Despite its huge benefits, a new set of legal problems arise from technological developments. The way in which technology goes on to shape the world further will be determined by technology law.

With massive increase of digital media, phenomenal growth of e-commerce, digital payments, new and complex regulations, this is a booming sector at present and for decades to come. Though relatively new, this field of law has a wide ambit and applicability ranging from software licensing, intellectual property issues to media & broadcasting.

Technology law revolves around setting up the framework for regulation of information in the digital space. Technology and telecommunications networks have improved with the advancement of information technology market. Furthermore, there has been a massive increase of data collection and storage. This advancement comes with its own challenges as it involves a wide range of social and legal issues – such as data privacy, AI ethics and more.

Technology developers, startups are developing business by using technology. Extensive amount of legal and contractual work comes into picture when setting up tech startups, e-commerce websites. However, to remain safe in your operations it is important to be aware of the potential legal issues involved in technology and the growing regulatory framework to deal with it.

Legal assistance is important for any business, but those in the technology sector often need it the most, as the legal issues involved with technology are rapidly evolving and can be particularly challenging. Kashyap Partners & Associates LLP can help. Our team of attorneys offer services for Technology Law. We provide Technology Law services using only the most qualified and best trained lawyers, with licenses to practice in New York, New Jersey and India. We provide services in person through our offices in Delhi and Gurgaon and virtually around the world.


Information & Data Privacy

Protect your sensitive information and uphold data privacy standards with our expert legal guidance and comprehensive services. Safeguard your organization's integrity and reputation with our proactive approach to information security and compliance.

Cybersecurity and Incident Response

Providing counsel on cybersecurity best practices, incident response planning, and breach notification obligations, as well as representing clients in cybersecurity-related litigation and regulatory investigations.

Intellectual Property Protection

Advising on strategies to protect technology innovations through patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and enforcing intellectual property rights against infringement.

Regulatory Compliance

Assisting technology companies in navigating complex regulatory frameworks, including telecommunications regulations, export control laws, and compliance with industry-specific standards.

Technology Transactions:

Negotiating and drafting contracts for technology-related agreements such as software licensing, technology transfer, cloud computing, and software as a service (SaaS) agreements

AI Ethics & Regulatory Compliances

Navigate the complexities of AI ethics and regulations with our legal expertise, ensuring compliance and accountability in this evolving landscape. Trust our firm to guide you through the intricate intersection of technology and ethics with precision and clarity.


How can Technology Law affect my business?

Technology Law can impact businesses in various ways, from ensuring compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR or CCPA to protecting intellectual property rights for software or digital innovations. Understanding and adhering to relevant laws and regulations is crucial for mitigating legal risks and fostering innovation.

What does Technology Law encompass?

Technology Law covers a broad range of legal issues related to the use, development, and regulation of technology. This includes areas such as data privacy, intellectual property rights, cybersecurity, e-commerce regulations, and more.

What are the implications of technology law on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain?

Technology Law provides guidance on the legal and regulatory frameworks surrounding emerging technologies, such as AI and blockchain. Our services include advising on issues like liability for AI-driven decisions, intellectual property rights for AI algorithms, compliance with blockchain-related regulations, and navigating legal challenges in implementing these technologies within your business.

Legal Insights for the Digital Age

Technology Law

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